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Why Choose Us?

Customized Financing

The Funding Lane has decades of experience financing construction, development, redevelopment, and business development. Our approach is different from online lenders and local banks and credit unions. Rather than using an algorithm to match you with the easiest close and often the worst terms, or restricting your financing options to our lending criteria, we evaluate each and every deal, each and every business, to determine the available options in financing type, amount and terms available. We match your growth objectives with those of lenders from a network of 100+ vetted, quality private and traditional lenders. Because of our background, we spot red flags early, and work with you to resolve challenges in advance of application, shortening your time to financing and reducing barriers to growth.

How We Work for You

When banks deny, we provide financing options.

With a background in construction and business operations, we know the pains owners face when trying to source non-equity capital. Our network of industry-focused lenders removes the barrier and opens the door.

Business development is built on constant change. But that change is founded on the principle of opportunity backed by available capital. When traditional lenders restrict funds to only the largest and most established developers, we come in to fill the gap.

Our Mission

We serve business owners, developers, and fix-and-flip redevelopers with the right funds to move forward with their projects.

Our Vision

We envision a financing scenario where good projects are funded based on the business clarity and drive of the owner or developer, not on past data.

The Process Is Simple

Three Steps to Funding

With one simple pre-application we receive enough information to begin positioning you for funding. There's no hard credit pull to start, and you'll see multiple options before choosing a direction for your funding.

Our financing team works one-on-one with you to assess your near and long-term business objectives to match you with the right type of financing and lender. We can also assist with long-term, multi-stage financing plans to help you strengthen your position and improve rates and terms over time.

Step 1

Fill out an online application.

Step 2

Review options with our team.

Step 3

Receive the funding you need.
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